The end of an era


After 28 years working at Emprotec Gérard Langhame celebrates his retirement with the team, friends, clients and suppliers of the company.

Gérard was the first employee of the company and over the years he has made a great contribution to  its development and its recognition among clients. In his speech, Alain Parisse recalls that Gérard could have retired at the time when Mr Parisse bought the company in 2014. But the company spirit and professional conscientiousness which characterised the workshop manager would not allow that.  He wanted to participate in the new impetus  for Emprotec and to accompany the new director in this decisive step for the company.

Today Gérard was both moved and confident when handing over the responsibility of the workshop to Benoît Mouturat, a conscientious and competent young man  who has been trained by Gérard.

The whole Emprotec team wishes  Gérard all the best in beginning this new period of his life.

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