ISO9001 version 2015 certification for Emprotec


During the process of renewal of its ISO9001 certificate, Emprotec modified its quality management system so that it  already complies with the 2015 version of the standard.


There are numerous  benefits in the 2015 version of the standard especially the simplified system of documentation, the approach which is more appropriate to the company environment by taking into account all the stakeholders and the analysis of context and risks.


As Emprotec’s director Alain Parisse says «the main advantage of the 2015 version of ISO9001, compared to the 2008 version, is  that  it focuses more on the overall view of the running of the company. By taking into account relations with all stakeholders, both inside and outside the company, we have been able to rethink our procedures as a whole and in a more efficient way. »


However this version goes further and gives real added-value in dealing with risks and opportunities.

« Naturally we have always paid attention to these aspects, but while  working for the 2015 certification we have created a more structured process. » confirms Alain Parisse.


Today the quality process does not only focus on the client but allows a more inclusive  and structured view of the company.

By gaining the certification of the new version of the standard at this early stage, Emprotec shows a clear and continuing committment to quality and to long-term relations with its partners and employees.

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